Treble clef lamp

Treble clef lamp

Treble clef 6Treble clef 6.1Treble clef 6.2Treble clef 2Treble clef 2.1Treble clef 4Treble clef 4.1  Treble clef 7Treble clef 7.1Treble clef 3   Treble clef 3.1       Treble clef 5Treble clef 5.1Treble clef 5.2    Treble clef 1.3Treble clef 3.2Trebel clef 1.2 Treble clef 1

















Treble Clef Lamp

Flexible and customizable floor lamp made out of translucent orange hose. Infinite shapes at your will.

  • Measuring approx. (cm): 130 to 150 (h) x 30 to 50 (w)
  • Price: 350€

Check availability and price in other sizes or colors.